A Litmus test: Do we truly love Allah swt?

A questioner once questioned Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed db on his CII Radio talk:

Q: ‘How can we know that we truly love Allah swt?’

Paraphrasing his beautiful response:

“We know that Allah swt loves us,when we find ourselves in such a state that we are obedient to Allah swt’s Commandments i.e. we are pleased with what pleases Allah swt and we are displeased with that which displeases Allah swt”

He also quoted Sayiddina Ali ra’s saying:“Allah swt is pleased with you, when you are pleased with Him”

[Extracted from rough notes, taken during the QnA session of Shaykhs CII Tazkiya Talk]

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  1. Binte Naveed says:

    Beautiful as always masha Allah <3

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