A ‘shukr candy’ a day keeps spiritual ills at bay

 points to remember from Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed (db)’s talk “Physical and spiritual health”


  • Allah has made human (insan) in a very incredible way. Physicians are well versed with the incredible nature of human creation. There are different aspects of health: physical, mental and spiritual. A truly healthy person is healthy on all three counts.

  • Spiritual health is something in the heart, is has to do with the qalb and nafs of a person. Inside the person is a ruh (soul), and the heart of the ruh, called the qalb. The spiritual heart is the most critical part of a person’s ruh. If someone has spiritual heart disease, it’s a serious matter.

  • If I showed up to you with a blood test, and all the levels of blood substances are beyond the normal range, you would think it was a very serious matter. Same with spiritual health.

  • Suhbah: The Prophet s.a.w did the tazkiyah (spiritual purification) of the Companions through Suhbah (companionship). Some companions dedicated their lives to learning deen (Islamic way of life) from the Prophet s.a.w, they lived near his residence and were called the Ashab us Suffah. The Companions asked questions from the Prophet s.a.w, then they did “Itiba” i.e. following the Prophet s.a.w.

  • >If you don’t know, ask the people of zikr.فَاسْأَلُوا أَهْلَ الذِّكْرِ إِن كُنتُمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَ . [Anbiya:7)


  • First things first. Fix your salah! Salah is the daily check. Prayer is when the lover is talking to the Beloved. Can a lover say that when I am alone with my Beloved, and talking with my Beloved, I feel no love at all?

  • If someone says they can’t taste sweet flavour, no matter how much sweet you give them, that means that they are ill. So when your Salah is blank, is that not a matter of utmost concern?

  • Why don’t we pray a goal oriented prayer? The goal of salah is to love, remember Allah. Salah is a test of our spiritual health.focus

  • We have to get busy. It would be so tragic if someone is so talented in dunya but has no talent in deen.

  • Not everyone of you will be able to reach the height of your profession in dunya (this world). However, every single one of you has the potential to be the wali (intimate friend) of Allah.

  • You can’t be a Sahabi in this life, but you can be a Jannati Sahabi in the afterlife i.e., someone who has the companionship of the Prophet s.a.w in Jannah (Paradise).

  • You can take one shukr candy a day. Open your fridge, do shukr to Allah.

  • Find an opportunity to have sabr towards Allah. The only thing that happens when you are not patient, is that you lose out on Allah. It’s about changing your heart.

  • If you give a fellow believer an unexpected happiness, Allah’s Mercy will come on you and you will be forgiven by Allah

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