CIL post mid terms course evaluation form


  1. Sarosh Shah says:

    Alhumdulilah , good experience.

  2. Iqra Asad says:

    Alhamdulillah, I learned a lot.

  3. Asbah says:

    Asalamualikum, the form has expired, but my stance will stay the same.
    I was telling harime baji that this is a course tailor made for me, Alhamdolilah. And each passing day is simply adding it to my believe. Its my prayer granted, Alhamdolilah.

    I love it. Alhamdolilah! I am still finding it bit tough to catch up with grammar though, but thats solely my own mistake of not giving sarf/nahaw enough time!

    But i hope to improve and get better at it insha Allah!

    Jazakillah e khair everyone. its simply incredible :)

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