How does one know he has reached wilayah?

‘Well, there’s no clear moment in which a person will be able to discern that they have reached wilayat. And many times, I think, wilayat is something that overcomes a person without them being conscious of it. Certainly a salik should not be certainly not be seeking out that moment of discovery of wilayat. Because we are not seeking Wilayat, we are seeking Allah swt.

Many of the Mashaikh have written that one of the sign of wilayat is that our life is increasing in its correspondence with the Shariah and Sunnah, such that we ourselves are liking the things that Allah swt Likes and we ourselves are disliking the things that Allah swt dislikes – that is a sign that our heart is moving closer and closer to Wilayat.’

(Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed db – CII Tazkiya Talk, 26-03-2009)


jay Rabb mildaa, nahateyan dhotiyan,
tay milda dadooan machhian,
jay Rabb milda jangal bailay,
tay milda gaaeean vachhiyan,
jay rabb milda vich maseetain,
ta milda cham chdikiyan,
oh Bulle Shah Rabb ohna nu milda,
tay neetan jinha deean sachiyan

-Baba Bulleh Shah Rahimuhumullah

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