Keys to Success | Ramadan 1439/2018

“Keys to Success”

Education, luck or charm? What increases our probability of success?
In a world of numbers, degrees and a race to the top, let's discover what
our Lord defines as "Falah"- true success.

Join us for a short course in Ramadan, covering selected verses of the
Quran which mention Falah.


Ihsan Institute:
Starting from 17 th May | Every Thurs, Fri, Sat
Timings: 11-12:15PM by Alimah Sania Imran
Address: Ihsan Institute Outreach Centre Y block, adjacent to Al-Fatah, above Western
Contact : 0321-4205511


DHA-Phase V:
Starting from 17 th May | Every Thurs, Fri, Sat
Timings: 3-4:15PM by Alimah Ammarah Junaid
Address: 154-B, st.7, Phase 5,DHA
Contact : 0321-4112323


Sui Gas Society:
Stating from 17 th May 2018 | Every Thur, Fri, Sat
Timings: 3-4:30PM by Alimah Sana Iftikhar
Address: 44-D, st.10, Sui Gas society
Contact : 0322-4300494


Model Town:
Starting from 17 th May 2018 | Every Mon, Tue, Wed
Timings: 3:45-5pm by Ustadha Hira Hassan
Address: House no. 14, block C, Model Town
Contact: 0324-4740624


Akari 10:
Starting from 17th May | Mon to Sat
Timings : 3-4:30PM
Address: House no. 644-C, street 14, Askari 10
Contact: 0307-2742284

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