Lahore | Online: 2-Day Workshop on Anger Management by Alimah S. Ahmed

Do you feel irritable and snappy all the time?

Are you always scolding people and ready to pick a fight?

Tired of people complaining about your temper?

Need help in managing your anger?

You feel releasing it will end it?

It will destroy you before it leaves you!


Zaynab Academy

at Gulberg

Presents A 2 – day workshop on

Anger Management

By Alimah S. Ahmed

“… and who restrain anger and who pardon the people
– and Allah loves the doers of good” [3:134]


Join us for some useful advice and strategies to help you control your anger before it controls you.

When: Thursday, Dec. 4 & Dec. 11

Timings: 10:30 am -12:30 pm

Venue: 6-A-H, Hafeez Ahmed Taj begum Trust, Gulberg 3, Near firdaus Market. Lahore.

 Language of  Instruction: Bilingual (Urdu/ English)



About the Speaker:

Alimah S. Ahmed was born and raised in the United States and received her BA in Sociology and Arabic and Islamic Civilization with double honors from the University of Chicago and Masters of Education from the University of Illinois. In 1999, she migrated to Lahore with her husband following the early tradition of rihla, or journeying for the sake of seeking divine and sacred knowledge. Read more…



  1. Neha Qamar says:

    Assalamualykum wr wb,

    I cannot access registration, kindly help.

    JazakumAllahu khayr,
    needy of duas

  2. ZA Support says:

    Walaikum Salaam

    Please check now

    was salaam

  3. Romessa Mirza says:

    Salam wr wb

    I am unable to click the ‘Register Now’ button for the anger management workshop.. I am not sure if it is just me or is the button not active just as yet. Please assist.
    Jazakumullah khayr
    Wassalam wr wb

  4. ZA Support says:

    Walaikum Salaam

    It is functional now


  5. Romessa Mirza says:

    Salam wr wb
    working now alhamdolillah

    Jzk khayr
    Wassalam wr wb

  6. Zakia Saeed says:

    AA WR WB

    Please let me know if kids are permissible …


  7. Z.A. Support says:

    Dear Zakia, you can bring your kids along, we’d love to have you Join us on any and all of our events.

  8. sabeen says:

    asalamualikum, i am from the states.. I was wondering is there a recording available.. as this subject is very relevant to me.

  9. Z.A. Support says:

    Dear Sabeen, for our live online sessions and workshops you can subscribe to

    Recordings by our alimaat are not openly available. We hope another Anger Management workshop can be conducted. An email alert will be sent to you if you subscribe.iA


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