Lahore: The 7 Spiritual Wonders: Al-e-HaMeem

The 7 Spiritual Wonders: Al-e-HaMeem


Every surah of the Qur’an is an ocean of infinite wisdom and guidance.

There are seven surahs in the Qur’an that begin with Ha-Meem known as Al-e Ha-Meem.


                                                                                                        Al-e Ha-Meem are the splendor of Qur’an

(Sayyidina Ibn Masud r.a.)

Everything has a gist or summary, and the summary of Qur’an are Al-e Ha-meem

(Sayyidina Ibn Abbas r.a.)

(Narrated by Imam Alim Abu Ubaid Qasim bin Salam r.h)


Al-e Ha-Meem address a range of topics including blessed spiritual stations, qiyamah and life after death, prophethood, virtuous social etiquettes, and stories of Prophets a.s. Unlock the depths of guidance enclosed in these seven blessed surahs . What is it about these special surahs that gave spiritual delight to our pious predecessors?  This Ramadan, join us at one of our venues to explore the spiritual wonders of Al-e Ha-Meem

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  1. Abd Allah says:

    The plural of “Ha Meem” generally used in “Hawameem” (حوامیم) and I have also seen “Al Hawameem” but haven’t seen the term used in your website “Al-e-HaMeem”. Can you please provide a reference of this term. Just asking for my own knowledge. Jazakum Allah

  2. Z.A. Support says:

    It is Ale Hameem or Hawameem (both are correct) as per Ma’ariful Quran by Mufti Shafi Uthmani Rahimuhullah Ta’ala

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