Lahore: Meet The Strangers @ Teentalk

Teentalk Lahore

invites you to meet

The Strangers

Their unshakable faith stood tall in the face of adversity. Their resilience turned even the most powerful kingdoms to dust!

Join us to see how the stories unfold as Youth gears up against Shaytan and minions!

Sessions include:

– Dynamic stories of youth mentioned in Quran
– Open discussions about contemporary problems faced by teenagers
– Interactive activities with a focus on understanding our hidden potential and being a productive member of the society
– Skits, games, snacks and much more!

Session 1: How Good Company Can Change Your Life


  • A short skit performance
  • Psychedelic story of a student of magic whose life was turned topsy-turvy by a monk
  • Dialogue on the importance of good company and how to choose reliable friends
  • A game guaranteed to increase your trust in 5 minutes!

Session 2: Girrrl Power


·  A heart-felt story of “Miss Paradise”; her courage and steadfastness in turbulent times

  • Discussion on beauty, self-esteem and impact of media our sense of self worth
  • Scenario-based activity on gender-interaction

Session 3: Understanding Secularism and Islam


  • Beautiful story of young men who went to every length and breadth to protect their Faith
  • A practical discussion on the growing threats to Imaan of a university student and how to counter these forces
  • A surprise game!

Session 4: Untangling From Shaytan Network


  • Skit performance
  • Story of how the most-handsome-man-ever protected his modesty
  • Discussion on temptations of the youth and how to guard oneself from Shaytan Network
  • A fun activity on how to keep our hearts shiny and sparkly!


1. Teentalk Gulberg:

Address: Hafeez Ahmed Taj Begum Trust, 6A-H Gulberg III
Timings: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Contact: 0307-7777834
Days: Every Alternating Saturday, starting September 13, 2014

2. Teentalk DHA

Address: 55 – Y, Street 13 Phase 3, DHA
Timings: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Contact: 0334-3730295
Days: Every Alternating Saturday, starting October 18, 2014

3. Teen Talk Askari X

Address: 644 – C, Street 14, Askari X
Timings: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Contact: 0334-3730295, 0322-4773994
Days: Every Alternating Saturday, starting September 13, 2014

Teentalk is a society for young girls of age 12 years or above to come together and support each other in travelling the journey of love that leads them to Allah swt. Our objective is to help teenage girls overcome barriers and take a fresh start in life in the light of Islam. We understand that being a teenager is difficult and everyone needs a support system. Teentalk aims at providing girls with love, support and care so they can realize their true potential in every aspect of life. Our teaching methodology is activity based and requires the members to actively participate. So gear up and join us for fun filled sessions at Teentalk!


  1. Sarah mazhar says:

    Can I take part in it plz..?? I m from karachi, ?

  2. ZA Support says:

    This will be conducted in Lahore only. You can check Teentalks Karachi for their upcoming events insha’Allah

    was salaam

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