Lahore: Winter Footsteps 2014

Zaynab Academy


Winter Footsteps 2014

Surviving Adversity

Starting: December 22nd!!

Dates: 22nd Dec- 26th Dec (25th will be off)
Monday- Friday
Time: 2.30 PM – 4.30 PM

(Gulberg, DHA, Johar Town)
Sisters Only!!

Day 1: Reflections on the Peshawar Tragedy

 Special session including a Dua
The damage done by the brutal killings of innocent children in Peshawar was not just physical, but also psychological, emotional and spiritual.  What can we, as Muslims, as Pakistanis, as individuals, do to help heal the pain of so many bleeding hearts? Including our own.
The session will conclude with a special Dua for the martyrs and survivors of this horrible tragedy.

Day 2: Healing our Hearts with Sunnah

*Hope in Dark Times: Tafsir of Surah Duha
*Special Talk on the Sunnah of Mercy
Nabi e Kareem (saw) was sent as a Mercy for the entire universe. He was sent to heal us, to mend us, and to guide us from the darkest of times, into the peace and security of our Deen.
Come, learn about the true Sunnah, the Sunnah of Mercy, the Sunnah of peace, love and rahmah. Let us revive this true sunnah. And in doing so, find the treasure of peace and solace.

Day 3: Women of Strength, Courage & Fortitude 

*Brave Women, Jannati Women: Tafsir of Selected Verses from Surah Tehreem
*Special Guest Session: A Story of Patience
Throughout Islamic history, many women have shined through.Their strength, courage, and fortitude has made them
beacons of guidance for us.
What lessons can we learn from them? How can we, as women, react to adversity in such a way we too become the beloveds of Allah (swt). 

Day 4: Fitnah in the End of Time 

*Staying Strong: Lessons from Surah Kahf
*Hadith: Signs of Fitnahs of End of Time
As the stage for the Last Hour is set, there comes before it great fitnah. Black times, troubling times, times of trials and tribulations. 
What are the fitnahs associated with the Last Hour? How can we, by using the Qur’an and Sunnah as guides, protect our imaan from these fitnah?
The session will end with the concluding Dua for Footsteps 2014.


Hafeez Ahmed Taj Begum Trust
6 A-H, Gulberg 3 (near Firdaus market) (Directions given here)
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Contact: 0333-4809671
154-B, Street 7, Phase 5, D.H.A.
(behind LUMS, near Kids Kampus)
(Directions given here)
For details & transport queries,
Contact: 0320-4603450
House 2 B, G block, Johar Town (Near Doctor’s Hospital, opposite Dunkin Donuts)
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Contact: 0300-8027477

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