Me & My Hijab | DHA, Model Town, Paragon City

Zaynab Academy invites you to

Me & My Hijab

An Event celebrating ‘World Hijab Day’

Join us for a fun-filled and intellectually stimulating event.
Whether you are a Hijabi or just curious about it.
Talks, Skit, Interactive session, Testimonials and more!
Venue 1: DHA
Friday, Feb 16th
Outreach centre, Western Union building, opp. Alfatah, Y-Block,DHA
Details: 0321-4097128
*Featuring Bakesale!
Venue 2: Model Town
Saturday, Feb 17th
101-E, Model Town
Details: 0322 4300494
*Featuring Biryani Stall for Charity
Venue 3: Paragon City
Monday,  Feb 19th
House # 90, St. 2, Imperial Block, Paragon City, Barki Rd
Details: 0300 4161957
FREE of Cost | For Women Only
Important: Plz note change in DHA’s and Model Town’s venue.

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