Online UCIL, 2014: Late Registrations Open!

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Online Urdu Classical Islamic Learning – An Alimah Program

Classical Islamic Learning (CIL) is an ‘Alimah’ course, designed to introduce women to the classical methodology of Islamic knowledge and scholarship through a modern educational approach. The philosophy of the course is distinct in its embrace of the entire academic tradition of the Ahl-al Sunnah wal-Jama’a with respect for all scholars of TafsirHadithFiqh, and Usul al-fiqh. Moreover, CIL highlights the importance of spiritual purification (tazkiya) and inner reform (islah).

At Zaynab Academy Online, the seat of learning is the heart that should get moist with taqwatazkiyah andtarbiyyah, in order for an individual to qualify as an Alimah. These can only be obtained through live interaction and company of the senior scholars and Shuyukh of our Ummah. As the course progresses, we will continually encourage students to develop their spirituality while identifying opportunities for them to do so.


Classes have begun since September 22,2014!

late Registrations still open! Recordings will be provided for those joining late for catchup.

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  1. mrs says:

    Zainab providing only evening classes in ucil degree program this year no morning section…. What should anyone do if cant take classes in evening n.want to take in morning….

  2. Z.A. Support says:

    Assalamualikum, UCIL is an online program that accommodates those who may not be able to attend classes on a given schedule. please contact the administration of zaynabacademyonline for more details on your concerned matter.

  3. Samar Saleem says:

    what are the timings of this course

  4. Z.A. Support says:

    Program Schedule:
    Starting: September 22, 2014

    Days: Mondays to Thursdays

    Timings (Morning section): 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM** Pakistan Standard Time

    Timings (Evening section): 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM** Pakistan Standard Time

  5. FAUZIA HASAN says:

    what is UCIL core coure? Can somebody advise me which course is for beginners, because I am taking ZAO all courses but it seems very hard for me I just wanted to take easy course first.


  6. Z.A. Support says:

    Dear Fauzia, UCIL is not a core course. Its the Alimah Course. If you want to begin with some thing more basic. We can offer to you Quran Program along with our other short Courses. For more details please visit:

  7. dr muneeba kamran says:

    Aoa. I’m a doctor by profession and alhamdulillah mother of two. Can u advise some basic Quran tafheem course for me online and procedure pls

  8. Z.A. Support says:

    Assalamualikum, Dear Dr Muneeba
    Please visit our online branch for more details on our QURAN PROGRAM in English which is being conducted by Alimah S.Ahmed herself.
    Registrations are open.

  9. Hiba says:

    Salam can u plz help me out I have already complete the registration for the course UCIL but I am not getting response i need some guide line I am 19 years old i really don’t know the procedure plz help me out will be really thankful to u.

  10. Shumaila Razzak says:

    Assalam alaikum…bismillahir rahmaan ar raheem
    Pls tell any evening or weekend classes for tafseer e quran..
    Also tell that does zainab academy teach to shia students only or its courses are shia based?

  11. Z.A. Support says:

    Walikumsalam dear Hiba, Please note UCIL registrations are closed for now..will iA reopen after Ramadan 2015
    please subscribe for a notification once we reopen. would love to have you join us in our next batch.

  12. Z.A. Support says:

    WalikumAssalam dear Shumaila,
    For details on our Quran Program please see here
    and here for our selective Surah Dars

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