Qabiliyat and Qubooliyat

The analogy of Iblees to the angels was in terms of their ibadat. Iblees was so qaabil in his ibadat that he is viewed as the likeness of the angels. So Allah swt gathered the angels to witness the creation of Adam AS, and Iblees was there as well, he had so much qaabiliyat that Allah swt called him with the angels.
Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (rah) said that Iblis was an alim and an abid. He knew, understood, he was an aarif, had the marifat of Allah swt. But, he was not maqbool, he had no qubooliat, not withstanding being the most qabil of all jins, he turned out to be the lowest of the low of all of creation, not withstanding the height of his qabiliyat. When he saw Adam AS he could see he was made from the earth, perdiodic table of the elements that the human being is made of. He was made of fire and said I am better than him: fire goes high, You made him from mud which is low.
All of that ended in shaytan becoming rajeem, rejected and repudiated.
فَاخْرُجْ مِنْهَا فَإِنَّكَ رَجِيمٌ
[15:34] Can you imagine any of us hearing that sentence, just on the day of Judgment, somewhere near the momineen, and imagine if Allah swt were to say exit from here, you are not worthy of this place, you are rajeem and should go to jahannam, this is how mardood he was: he heard that sentence.
This is the height of the jalal of Allah swt, Allah swt in His might and power is punishing Iblees, and he has maarifat that even at this time of the extreme manifestation of Allah swt, he knew that even if now if I use the word ‘rabb’ Allah will answer, so he said: ‘o rabbi give me a muhlat until that day when everyone will be resurrected’.

Maulana Rumi rah informs us that he could have done istighfar, could have made tawba he would have been forgiven, but he chose to ask for muhlat, and Allah swt would have given forgiveness had he asked. He had marifat that if I ask something I will be granted that something. He did not have the qubooliyat as he was drowned in the enmity against Adam AS and blinded by enmity, he wanted every single human being to be the enemy of Adam AS, Allah o akbar kabeera.
From so much qabiliyat ending in so much anger that he became the most rejected being. Allah swt said this is what you want and you are given it. And Allah swt puts him outside His mercy, ‘lanat’ means someone is outside His mercy. I pick you up and place you outside my mercy. Allah swt says in the Quran that mercy encompasses everything. But Allah swt picked him up and put him outside the reach of His mercy. Many of us have qabiliyat but we do not think about our qubooliyat. Adam AS was created just , now qabiliyat in terms of ibada, but shaytan millions and millions of years of ibadat. Allah o akbar!  quboliyat!

This is an excerpt from the live bayan delivered by Hazrat Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed on January 30 2010.

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