UPDATE: Seerah of the Beloved Prophet (s.a.w) & Dars-e-Hadith by Alimah S. Ahmed


Zaynab Academy @ DHA

Seerah of the Beloved Prophet ﷺ

with Alimah Sobia Ahmed

The greatest Man ever to walk the earth deserves to have his story told over and over again.
Join us in once a week sessions to trace the Life of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ

Every Wednesday

NEW Venue:  427-A, St. 18, Phase 5, DHA.


with Alimah Sobia Ahmed

Selections from Riyad-ul-saliheen on spiritual topics like Ikhlas, Tauba, Sabr & more.

Every Friday
Every Friday 5:30-6:30PM

Venue: 154-B, st.7, Phase 5, DHA, Lahore

Details: 0321-4097128

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