Arwa Khalil

If you ever wish to see a garden of paradise on earth, come to Zaynab Academy. If you ever wish to join the caravan of Divine love, come to Zaynab Academy. If you ever wish to witness embodiments of sunnah, come to Zaynab Academy. This is the place where you will connect with your Beloved Rabb, and your Beloved Prophet (sws), where you will find sakeenah dripping onto your heart, a place where you will be showered with love for the sake of Allah, a place where angels will surround you, a place where you will find the sweetness of faith. Zaynab Academy is a place where the love of Allah is distributed. If you want your share, come to Zaynab Academy.

Zaynab Academy has been the best thing that ever happened to me. There are no words to describe what an amazing time it has been. Just like in any journey, you need directions and fuel for your vehicle. Similarly, in the journey towards Allah swt, Ilm of Him is the direction and His Ishq is the fuel. Zaynab Academy is the place where your vehicle towards Allah swt not only starts progressing but there comes a time when you feel like your car just started flying! Alhamdulillah! It is a sanctuary of purification of the heart, it is a circle of Classical Islamic learning, it is a place where you will find everything you could ever ask for!

Arwa khalil A 3rdyear student lahore

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