Aisha Chaudhry

I am a busy wife and mother of four small children, ages five down to three months old. I took shahada almost 11 years and since then I’d been in search of the right place where I could learn about the depths of Islam in letter and in spirit. Alhamdulillah, the doors of my dreams of gaining sacred knowledge were opened by Allah swt. I have been taking classes with Zaynab Academy Online for two years, and now I’m enrolled in a Classical Islamic Learning degree track with Zaynab Academy. I know Zaynab Academy is the right place for learning because the teachers are not only interested in teaching true sacred knowledge, but they focus heavily on the development of the heart, its purification and inner reform. This wholesome approach nourishes our spirit and enables us to act on our knowledge and strive towards gaining the closeness of Allah swt. I am truly grateful and humbled that I’ve been granted such a gift of opportunity.

English CIL First Year, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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