Amna Jawaid

It’s been almost one and a half year since I have been associated with Zaynab Academey Alhamdulillah. The classroom experience with the teachers, students is amazing. They make it a homely place for you where you can learn, interact and collectively grow spiritually. The best thing about Zaynab Academy is you can find people whom you can relate to, who are going through the same set of struggles from the dunya and its attractions and trying to get closer to Allah SWT and apply the knowledge in their lives. I can go on and on about the teeny tiny bits of the experiences at this place and with the people there. The fully equipped Academy makes sure that people are not deprived of the blessing of knowledge whichever part of the world they are in. I wish to be part of this Academy inshAllah and learn and correct myself and the best part make new and pure connections inshaAllah!

CIL Second year Student – 2015, Karachi, Pakistan

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