Maham Jamal

Imagine a person sick to the extent that that she is no longer capable to even go visit a doctor, let alone get some medicine; someone on absolute bed rest without anyone near by who can assist her. In this situation a well-wisher miraculously out of no where, and expecting nothing in return, silently comes and injects medicine which is so effective that finally after ages the person is able to open her eyes and move. How grateful she would be to the one who got her this medicine helping her pull through, leading her towards the only cure to her fatal disease.

Such was my condition, on a spiritual bed-rest, with a spiritually fatal illness, slowly feeding away on my Imaan. And in this situation by the Mercy and Rahmah of my Rabb, it was this place and it’s people who injected that medicine. :)

Maham JamalKarachi

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