Rumaysah Abdullah

Being a student at a co-education school in this day and age, us students come across all types of fitna which bring people away from Deen and encourages them to involve in all sorts of un-Islamic activities. And education being a real necessity now, we simply have to go to school everyday, and come across views which are different from ours about Islam, which can influence us so much as to change your own point of view about something. To remain indifferent to all this and remain steadfast on our Deen, regular deeni suhbat is a must. I found the perfect place for this at Zaynab Academy. Meeting people with the same mind sets as me and struggling together to remain steadfast allows us all to share different experiences and expand our knowledge of the Noor of Islam. I am indebted to Allah for making it possible for me to be in such a great environment and saving me from the fitnas of today’s reformed versions of Islam

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