Ujub, Kibr & Takabbur


 There are three different levels of Takabbur that enter a person’s heart 1. Ujub 2. Kibr 3. Takabbur

All three are different . The definition of them can not be found in the books of fiqh.  There is another science altogether that will teach us what these things are.

Ujub means vanity; self-conceit. Kibr means to be arrogant; to think of oneself better than others, & Takabbur means to act as if one is better than others

In other words, Kibr means that in one’s heart one views oneself to be better than other people and takabbur means that one actually demonstrate that kibr.For example: 1)If people are in a line, if one thinks that he/she is better than the rest, he/she will go and cut the line. 2)The students are getting food, if one thinks that he/she is better than the rest, he/she will go and get the food first.

So, to actively do something because one thinks oneself to be better than somebody is Takabbur. To think that one is better than someone but not do anything actively is Kibr. And Ujub  which  in one way is the lowest level of pride, but it is the last level of takabbur that a person removes from their heart. Ujub means Vanity and Self conceit – it means to look at oneself and think how great he/she is. Instead of praising Allah Almighty that Alhamdulillah-e-rabbil alameen; to praise yourself.

Forexample:1) Oh look, I recite so nicely. 2) Oh, look how good my Arabic is, nobody’s Arabic here is like that. 3) Look what a big Scholar I am. 4) Look what big work I’m doing – so, to notice the Blessings that Allah Almighty has Given one, but instead of attributing them to Allah Almighty, attributing them to oneself ; to one’s skill; to one’s qabiliyyah (ability) – instead of looking at maybe what was one’s qubooliyyah (acceptance). So, that is called Ujub.


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