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FREE Online short Pre-Alimah Program in Urdu

Gateway to Knowledge

By Various Instructors

Course Description:

Gateway to Knowledge is a 3.5-month, online PRE-Alimah program for women, designed to introduce women to the classical methodology of Islamic knowledge and scholarship through a modern educational approach. The course is free of cost and requires a weekly commitment of 9 hours.

Those who successfully complete this program will be promoted to Year 1 of the full fledge Urdu Alimah Program.

Program Highlights:

  • Efficient teaching method: tests, discussions, assignments.
  • Specially designed for working professionals and university students
  • Recordings available for students who find the timings of live classes inconvenient.

Important Note: This course is a pre-requisite for the Alimah Program starting Aug 2017. There will be no direct admissions in Urdu Alimah Program in 2017.

Courses Offered:
1. Quranic Tafseer: Surah Yasin, Luqman, Hujuraat
2. Hadith: Commentary of 40 Jawameh ul Kalim useful in daily life
3. Foundation for Classical Arabic:

  • Basics of Arabic Morphology (Sarf)
  • Basics of Arabic Grammar (Nahw)
  • Quranic Vocabulary
  • Practical exercises for Quranic translation skills

4. Islamic Scholarly Tradition

Course Schedule:

Start Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Days: Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday

Course duration: 3.5 months

Weekly Commitment: 9 hours

Time: 6 am – 9 am New York | 11 am – 2 pm London  | 1 pm – 4 pm Johannesburg | 3 pm – 6 pm Dubai | 4 pm – 7 pm Islamabad

Session Duration: 180 mins

Format: LIVE Online Sessions on

Cost: Free

*Online Recordings are available for those who find timings inconvenient.

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