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  1. Shazia Umer says:

    Dear Madam,

    I would like to know details of your online Islamic course so I could register myself. I went through your website but didn’t find any .

    thanks for your valuable assistance and guidance.

    Shazia Umer

  2. NI says:


    You can check we are offering three courses that are online but in English only will soon be announcing some new courses or sessions

  3. S r says:

    Assalaam o alaikum wr wb!
    How and when does one register for the BiLINGUAL CIL online course please?
    Wassalaam o alaikum wr wb!

  4. NI says:

    Walaikum Salaam

    Details and process will soon be published on ZA org, keep checking.
    We basically open online registration and once that process is complete, further course related important information and access rights are shared with students who confirm their registration.


  5. NI says:


    Information regarding any workshop or recording will be shared with those students who have registered for the course and this will take place after the registration time expires.

  6. Anum says:

    I registered for CIL online course few days back. I received the mail from ZA suggesting me to join CIL Bilingual but sadly i am not finding any link to join the CIL bilingual online course . I want online course to join.and cannot attend site courses. Kindly guide me
    Jazak Allah

  7. NI says:


    Course Details are provided on and

    For Registration, you will find option for Online course under Registration menu on Top or follow this link

  8. sabiha ammad says:

    I would like to know about onsite courses.i have although registered myself in Quran program. but I want to know the medium of the onsite course. Will this course be in English only like online course? or onsite course will be offered in Urdu as well plus when onsite course will start?

  9. NI says:

    Onsite courses are mostly in Urdu or Bilingual mode. It is advised that you should contact the location where you have registered to get the desired information. Our Online Quran program is English only.

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