Class capacity: Our campuses and affiliates across Pakistan have an expandable room for a large number of students. Please contact us for the exact class size of any batch or refer to the student information booklets available on this site for various programs.

Student-teacher ratio: It varies across cities and we have not set a maximum number of students per teacher per program. On  average and roughly, it is 20:1.

Library: Zaynab Academy students have access to a large number of resources and books in the personal libraries available for use by the students.

Acess to Internet and multimedia: Our classrooms have 24 hours access to WiFi internet and support high quality audio-visual aides.

Online Classroom: Our online classes are hosted on WIZIQ with excellent audio-visual communication.

Program advisers in your city: You can meet our Program coordinators and advisers in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. If you live in another city, we can arrange live chat or a phone call with you.

Transport: We offer transport facilities to students in certain areas of these cities.

Student accommodation: We do not have any student hostels.

Other facilities: Keeping in view the electricity outages,  we try to keep our classrooms equipped with generators or other backups.