Fall Term Courses at DHA, Lahore

Alimah Program : Classical Islamic Learning

A 5-6 year degree program for serious students who, in addition to learning the translation and commentary of the entire Qur’an, wish to learn classical Arabic and study Arabic texts of tafsir, hadith, fiqh, usul, and other disciplines that have been traditionally taught in the Alimah course.

Starting July 31st
Every Mon, Tue & Wed
Morning Section: 11AM-12:45PM
Evening Section: 4:30-6:15PM

The Qur’an Program:

An ongoing 3-year program, which meets twice a week, for students who wish to study the translation and commentary of the entire Qur’an.

Starting July 31st
Every Mon & Wed
Morning: 11AM-12:30PM
Evening: 4-5:30PM

Weekly Spiritual Refreshers

Starting July 28th | Every Friday 5:15 – 6:30PM

Venue: 154-B, st.7, Phase 5, DHA, Lahore | Info: 0321-4097128



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