Karachi: Foundations 2015

Zaynab Academy Karachi 

Invites you to

Foundations 2015

January 17 –  March 21, 2015
At Two Venues

Every Saturday 

Time: 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Foundations in classical Islamic learning and spirituality is a series of short courses designed by Zaynab Academy to meet the needs of students, young professionals and other busy women who want to progress in their Islamic Knowledge and spiritual development. Classes are held once a week and cover introductory subjects on Quran, Hadith, Taharat, Salat, contemporary issues, womens’ issues, scholarly tradition, and spiritual development. Students have the option to take as many courses as their schedule allow.


 Venue 1: DHA
Modules: Arba’in – The forty “Ahadith Collection  of Imam Nawawi (ra) & Pearls of Wisdom”

  Address: Kalat House, Behind Total Pump, Main Gizri, Phase 5 DHA (Directions given here)

Contact: 0307-2280435

Venue 2: Muhammad Ali Society
Modules: Tafseer of Selected Surahs & Talks on “Striving for Perfection”

Address: 32, Banglore Town, Muhammad Ali Society (Directions given here)         

 Contact: 0331-2321183


  1. Iqra says:

    can i start taking the foundation course now? for batch Jan 17 – Mar 21, 2015???

  2. Z.A. Support says:

    Join us Dear Iqra

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