Karachi: Winter Footsteps 2015 – DHA 5 | MAS

Zaynab Academy Karachi 

Invites you to Winter Footsteps 2015

Surviving Adversity”

5th – 9thJanuary, 2015 

At Two Venues

Monday to Friday  | Time: 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM


Reflections on the Peshawar Tragedy
Special session including a Du’a

Healing our Hearts with Sunnah
Hope in Dark Times: Tafsir of Surah Duha
Special Talk on the Sunnah of Mercy

Women of Strength, Courage & Fortitude
Brave Women; Jannati Women: Tafsir of selected verses of Surah Tehreem
Beautiful Patience

Fitnah in the End of Times
Staying Strong: Lessons from Surah Kahf
Hadith: Signs of Fitnahs during the End of Time 

Achieving Inner Peace
Finding Strength in Difficult Times   


  Venue 1: Kalat House, Behind Total Pump, Main Gizri, Phase 5 DHA (Directions given here)
Contact: 0307-2280435

Venue 2: 32, Banglore Town, Muhammad Ali Society (Directions given here)         

 Contact: 0347-2553400


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