Lahore: Positive ( & Practical ) Parenting in Islam by Alimah Sobia Ahmed

Zaynab Academy LahoreGulberg

Presents Short Courses for Women

“Positive ( & Practical ) Parenting in Islam “

Parenting; a roller-coaster of emotions, ranging from joy, hope, a sense of fulfillment, to stress, anxiety, anger & frustration!

Join us for a short course on the multiple dimensions of Parenthood.

A 3-Day course : 12th June – 14th June          Time: 10 Am – 1 Pm

Topics: Tarbiyat: Pschycological , Spiritual, Social & Educational Upbringing of Children

Venue: Hafeez Ahmed Taj Begum Trust, 6-A-H, Gulberg 3, Near Firdaus Market.


  1. sameera says:

    Asa wr wb
    will it be online?

  2. ZA Support says:

    walaikum salaam

    No, it is an onsite event only


  3. SU says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Can you please email/inform me when and if you can offer this course online. I heard about the last online class too late and would love the opportunity to attend inshAllah.

  4. Z.A. Support says:

    WalikumASsalam WRWB, We shall soon be offering this course online in September insha Allah.
    keep a track on

    We hope to have you join us inshaAllah!


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