Maham Tabassum

Zaynab Academy gave me what no other Islamic institute could; a place for the Deen of Islam in my heart, and not just in the brain. For years I had tried to learn my Deen from different places but whatever I studied and applied was always superficial – a month or 2 of amal, and then back to square one.

Love for Allah swt, Adab, importance of Sohbat.. these concepts were previously alien to me. Zaynab Academy taught me what I believe is the most important lesson on the path to becoming a true Momin: do what you do not only out of fear of Hell or the desire to enter Jannah – but out of a burning love for Allah swt and our dearest beloved Rasool Allah s.w.s. A foundation as strong as this – and you can be sure that the change in you is here to stay =)

No matter how far you’ve strayed, how deep you’ve sunk into sins, how difficult it is for you to change, Alhamdulillah Zaynab Academy can wake you up and rescue you. May Allah swt continue to shower His Barakah on this institute and bless it with His qabooliat. Ameen.

CIL 2nd year – 2015 (hoping to continue with 3rd year soon iA)

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