Mariam Shahrukh

My experience at ZA has been a life changing one.. but  its not distinctive from other people who have come here. To each and everyone.. ZA has been a refuge from the harshness the world had for us when we were striving in the path of Allah. As for me.. I didnt even know I wanted Allah. It was a beautiful coincidence that I stepped on ZA’s ground. I have met some of the most amazing people here.. people who have given up the world and more.. just for Allah. Most of all… I have discovered myself.. my life’s purpose and the worth of my life and my Imaan. To me, ZA is a small piece of Jannah on earth and I hope Allah swt unites me with all my sisters at ZA in Jannat ul Firdaus under the shade on Allah’s Arsh… in the company of His beloved Prophet SAWW.  Ameen.

Mariam Sahrukh3rd Year studentLahore

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