Lahore Footsteps 2012 CONTEST: Give us a title for our theme!

Zaynab Academy Lahore is excited to announce the upcoming return of its yearly ‘Footsteps’ program!

Since our theme for this summer centers around the Women of this Ummah, we thought we’d give our sisters a chance to provide us with a theme title/catch-phrase for the program!

If you want to earn perpetual reward (sadiqa-e-jariah), go ahead and submit us your titles!

What will the Program be about?

Footsteps will be a 10-day ride giving you a glimpse of what it means to be a woman of this Ummah and will showcase the spiritual as well as the dynamic & active lives Women have led under the shade of Islam! Our modules would include

  • Naseehas for a Muslimah in light of Surah Luqman
  • Ahadith about Women
  • Vibrant Muslimahs invited as guest speakers from all walks of life, to give you a taste of the beautiful nuances of a muslim woman!
  • Stories of great Muslim women scholars in our history

Here’s What we are looking for:

  • A theme title/catch-phrase that is illustrative of the essence of these modules.
  • Is reflective of the dynamic & active traits of these women OR refers to the energy & productivity of the women in Islam
  • Appeals to the younger crowd
  • Attention grabbing yet minimal
  • Fits into the pattern “Footsteps:       (insert theme title here)     ”
  • You can submit as many entries as you want

Winner will InshA’llah get a great reward from Allah Ta’lah and a Gift Certificate from us =)

Submit you entries through:

  • Comments on this page.
  • Or SMS: +92-334-9938789

NOTE: please provide us with your full name and location along with the submission!

DEADLINE: Wednesday, 18th April, 2012 11:00AM Pakistan Standard Time

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  1. Sana Iftikhar says:

    “Exploring the Shades/Colors of a women”

  2. Following the Tread of a Righteous Woman / Women
    The Tread of a Righteous Woman
    The Trek of a Righteous Woman / Women
    Following the Trek of Righteous Women

  3. Saira says:

    Footsteps : Of Muslimah To Jannah.

  4. FAW says:

    The Modern Muslimah

  5. Sorry, I forgot the formatting =D Please disregard previous submission jzkA

    “Footsteps: Following the Tread of Righteous Women”
    “Footsteps: Following the Trek of Righteous Women”
    “Footsteps: The Tread of Righteous Women”

  6. Bushra Waheed says:

    Footsteps: Islam; the highest level of women’s Lib!

  7. Bushra Waheed says:

    Footsteps:of the beloved Women of Allah

    Footsteps: of the beautiful women of Islam

    Footsteps: Re-discover your femininity

  8. tehreem says:

    Footsteps: Women with a heart are women on the go!

  9. Javeria Saeed says:

    Footsteps: Strength of Women in Islam
    Footsteps: Strong Women
    Footsteps: Chosen women of the chosen Deen

  10. Zoha says:

    “Footsteps: The journey of a Muslim Woman -6th to 21st Century”

  11. Saman Khalid says:

    Queens of Jannah

  12. Fatima Sara says:

    Footsteps: Dynamic Muslimahs
    Footsteps: Path of Pure Women
    Footsteps: Tread of an Ideal Muslimah

  13. Fatima Sara says:

    Footsteps: The traits of righteous women.
    Footsteps: The traits of believing women.

  14. Tawhida Fazili says:

    The titles I can think of are :
    Footsteps (of): Me whom He saved from being buried alive
    With His tender care He made me thrive
    Me whom He taught how to honor my dignity
    with the shield of Haya ending my vanity…..

    Footsteps (of) : Not just a form but a whole
    A tender body with a strong soul
    Not a being just with desire obsessed
    With haya adorning me truly blessed

    Footsteps (of) Women blessed with true Imaan
    A blessing for every pure Man.

    Footsteps (of):The first and best schools for us since ever
    Laps of real muslimahs true faith do stir.

    Footsteps (of): The best daughters, wives, mothers, teachers
    Muslimahs ,well groomed in sunnah manners.

    Wasalaam JZK

  15. Fatima Saeed says:

    “Footsteps: Back to Real Femininity- What the Creater Wants Us to Be”

  16. Rida Akram Chaudhry says:

    Footsteps: Following the Best of Women
    Footsteps: Women, The Fragrance of Deen
    Footsteps: Empowering Muslim Women
    Footsteps: Finding The True Path of a Mominah
    Footsteps: Muslim Women Then And Now
    Footsteps: Being a Proactive Muslimah!
    Footsteps: Balancing The Multiple Roles of Muslim Women
    Footsteps: Paths of Righteous Women
    Footsteps: The Dynamism of Women in Islam
    Footsteps: The Ways of The Strong Mominah
    Footsteps: A Woman’s Journey to Jannah

  17. tehreem says:

    These two entries are on behalf of an anonymous person =)

    “Footsteps: Women of wisdom, Women of action.
    Footsteps: True wisdom, True words, True Women”

  18. Footsteps: The Tread of Women on the Righteous Path

  19. Footprints: Prints of the Pious Women

  20. Zenab Waseem says:

    Footsteps: let’s follow the stars!

  21. Zenab Waseem says:

    Footsteps: discover the gems
    Footsteps: leading you to the light
    Footsteps: path of the pure
    Footsteps: pearls of our deen
    Footsteps: scent of the wonder women
    Footsteps: trail of the wonder women

  22. Maham Javed says:

    Footsteps: Flying through the Stars.
    Footsteps: Entering the Light or Entering the rally of lights

  23. Maham Javed says:

    Footsteps: Feminine, spiritual & on-the-go
    Footsteps: Women, Spiritual yet spirited!

  24. Ayesha Ashraf Jangda says:

    The Path for an Ideal Mominah
    The Right Path for Today’s Women

  25. Sadaf says:

    This one is the best !

    Footsteps: Back to Real Femininity- What the Creater Wants Us to Be

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