Karachi: Footsteps 2012

An Islamic Summer Program 
For Young Women
(And those young at heart!)

[3rd July to 16th July] [Monday to Saturday]

On popular demand, we are offering the program at TWO venues this year!

Venue 1: House 8-B, Central Avenue, Phase 2, DHA || Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM [Directions]

Venue 2: 28-A, Adamjee Nagar, Near Muhammad Ali Society || Time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM [Directions]



Women: Empowered or Equals?

Are men and women equal in Islam? Why is hijab compulsory? What are the barriers of inter-gender interaction? How have the women of this ummah contributed to knowledge and scholarship? Join us this summer as we challenge modern stereotypes and discover the true strength of a muslim woman. 

Taking Control: How Much is Too Much?

Not being able to manage your time? Always feeling sleepy? Vegetating too much in front of the monitor? Addicted to social networking websites? Our beloved Prophet (saw) was a master of skillful management. Join us as we discover, from his blessed sunnah and scientific research, the intimate connections between the way we manage our work, health, sleep and time. Themes include Time Management, Sleep Management, Internet Addiction, Staying Healthy, and much more.

Youth: The Green Years

Always on the look out for the latest gossip? Hunting for the ‘right one’? Feel like you have no purpose in life? Muslim youth today is caught up in a web of different addictions and obsessions that suck away the energy of the green years. Join us as we discover the way out of these infatuations and reconnect to Allah swt. Make this connection your final addiction, to last you through this world, the Day of Judgment and all of Eternity.

30 Days: Gearing up for Ramadan

Our beloved Prophet (saw) is reported to have said: ‘It may be that a fasting person attains nothing but hunger and thirst from his fasting’. (Ibn-e-Majah)

What is the power of these thirty days? Is this Ramadan going to be yet another wasted opportunity? Why is Laylatul Qadar called ‘The Night of Power’? How can we make this month a source of everlasting change? Join us as we welcome the dawn of the best of months and learn how to make the most of these limited days.

Cool Off: Making Summer Drinks

A special session on beating the summer heat by making (and devouring) yummilicious summer drinks!

* Certificates to be awarded on successful completion

* Refreshments will be served



Talk: 0345-2269695, 0321-2734258, 0345-2160916

Write: info@zaynabacademy.org


  1. Sarah says:


    I am keenly interested in attending this program. Can it be on-line too, for those who have transport difficulties?? Or can we have its recordings?? please help me in this regard. Awaiting for your reply.


  2. tehreem says:

    Ws sarah.
    Unfortunately the program cannot be online and giving out recordings would be a bit problematic as well, because of purdah reasons. However, please do register for the course and check in the option in the form where it asks if you need transport or not. We will try to arrange something inshAllah.

  3. Anusha says:

    is there any registration fee ?

  4. Aisha says:

    Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb, no, there are no registration fees. wassalaam Aisha

  5. Saira says:

    Assalamualaikum, I dont know if there are some courses offered in summer on Zaynab academy online courses, but if this is possible to offer online either recordings then inshallah I can register coz I dont live in Pakistan.

    Jazakallah Khair,

  6. tehreem says:

    Salam Saira.
    Usual courses during summers in both Zaynab Academy and Zaynab Academy Online would remain suspended because there will inshAllah be a Dawra-e-tafseer taught by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed that will be taking place during this time. It will also be broadcast online. Dawra-e-tafseer would start soon after Footsteps 2012, inshAllah.
    We will let you know if there are some exclusive programs or workshops by Zaynab Academy Online that might be offered. But right now, this is the plan, inshAllah.

  7. yusra ansari says:


    I dont know about this cource so plz tell me.What you will do in this cource ??? Reply soon !!!


  8. tehreem says:

    Wa’alikum Asalam.
    Its a 14 day course that will feature talks on different topics in series. Detailed Talks will be given from these 4 modules;
    1. on the status of women in Islam and clearing common misconceptions.
    2. On life management skills like time management, sleep management, healthy living etc.
    3. On the importance of youth in Islam and how to make the best of these years
    4. Preparing for Ramadan

  9. saba qadir says:

    i want boys summer camp???for my child???there is????plz tell me….in gulshan area

  10. Aisha says:

    Assalaamu Alaykum Dear Sister, Zaynab Academy focuses on programs for young girls and women. Perhaps you can contact the Ahmad Academy (http://ahmadacademy.islamicspirituality.org/) to inquire about any upcoming programs they may offer. We make duaa your son finds a good program to nourish his imaan and love and nearness to Allah swt and the blessed Nabi’ (saw). Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. wassalaam, Aisha

  11. sana says:

    is this camp in islamabad?

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