Sunnah is not just Sunnah

We can’t love Allah without itibaa-e-sunnat. If we have itibaa-e-sunnat Allah Himself will love us and wipe away our sins.

Is being loved by Allah optional?

If we think that, then how can we call ourself a muslim?

If we think that being forgiven by Allah is optional, then we surely do follow a different islam.

If we think that Sunnah is Optional then we surely do think that being Loved and Forgiven by Allah is optional.

And if with such beliefs we will face Allah Swt on the day of Judgement then we will get to taste the bitter results of our deeds.

There was a stump tree which had no single leaf, no beautiful flower, no qaabililyat but it was the true aashiq of Rusool ul Allah(SAW). The Prophet Saw would stand beside the tree and address his companions and when he would keep his hand on the tree, the tree would lean a little. The Sahaba asked the Prophet SAW if they could build a pulpit for him, he replied “as you wish”-so they built a pulpit so that everyone could do the deedar of their Beloved Prophet (SAW)-as they say in urdu, kay doosray aashiqeen kay ishq ka lihaaz ho raha tha. When the Prophet (SAW) was delivering the sermon on the pulpit the stump tree, started crying like a child out of his love for the prophet- so much so that people could hear his crying. Whosoever loves the prophet truly, then he is also Rehmatul-lil-alameen. The Prophet (SAW) stopped the khutba descended from the pulpit, embraced the tree while it continued moaning like a child.

If today we also cry on leaving any Sunnah just like the tree cried, then our Beloved Prophet who could soothe a tree with love, surely on the day of judgement when our good deeds would be less and we will be needing some support, our Beloved Prophet would embrace us as well, if today in this world we start following his sunnah. Indeed we don’t know what we are giving up, abandoning the Sunnah of the Most Perfect Human Being, the Beloved of Allah and thinking it’s optional to be a true ummati. Following the sunnah of the western cool hip hop actors and models- if only we could realize how we belittle this treasure then surely we would be True Muhammadi’s-true Ummati.

– Inspired from a Talk by Shaykh Kamaluddin on “Countering Blasphemy; being an Ummati”

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