Karachi: LABAIQ -A Lover’s Call

Zaynab Academy Karachi 

Presents Dhul Hijjah Workshop 


A Lover’s Call


The eyes search, a constant search; the ears strain, ceaselessly;

When O when will he send for me?

The heart jumps and tears fall; the forehead hugs the ground, unknowingly;

Rise and Ride forth, your Rabb has called for thee.


Join us to embrace a journey of true love

At two venues


Time: 5:15 pm – 7:00 pm


Friday, 11th September

Muhamad Ali Society: 32 Bangalore Town (Directions given here)

Near Makkah Masjid

Contact: 0331-2321183

Saturday, 12th September

DHA: Zaynab Academy New Campus, 45-C, 15
Commercial  Lane, Phase 2.(Directions given here)
Contact: 0344-2753226

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