Lahore: Summer Footsteps 2013. Share your experience

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  1. Mariam says:

    Footsteps at Johar Town was a wonderful experience for me and my family members. I cannot adequately put into words the depth of passion that was aroused within my heart and the love that was invoked For Allah s.w.t. All the beautiful things I learned about Shukr, Sabr, Zuhd, Tauba, Taqwa, Tawaqqul and lots more have helped me cope well with various situations in life. The most beautiful aspect about this program was that I got to hear Allah sw.wt’s words through Quranic ayats which were in relevance to these topics. Surah Maryam’s tafseer opened up a new chapter of knowledge about different Nabi’s and Rasool’s. Subhan Allah it paved the way for my inquisitive thirst to know more about my beautiful religion Islam and to hear more of what Allah s.w.t had to say to me. Attending footsteps deeply rooted my wandering ways of finding answers about life and also solved various misguided aspects that have been cropping up in today’s society on Islam, Sunnah and Shariah. My teachers were a wonderful source of knowledge and Jazaka’Allah to them for sharing the truly delightful teachings they had been taught in turn, with me. Footsteps was not for just a particular few but was for everyone from every religion to hear about the Truth as it should be and IS. Warm friendly smiles, caring companions and beautiful words and prayers were the food for me and my soul in this program-truly hard to find in this materialistic world!

  2. Mehvish says:

    It was such a pleasure and a glorious experience to attend this short course.It was the first ever Islamic short course of my life. It has undoubtedly carved faith and sukoon in my heart.
    Above all of its benefits , I am so much sad to write that wont be able to attend most of the courses in future because of my office timings not matching with these sessions.
    But it is my humble request to please arrange as much single day lectures as possible at weekends (Saturdays)so I can easily cope up with them. Hoping that Allah will guide me in His path so I can find out the true purpose of my life

    Attended from Johar Town

  3. Momina Moin says:

    Footsteps Johar Town

    I attended this course last year as well, one of my friends dragged me here , but am glad she did, because this year I came with my own will. Alhamdolillah I learned a lot, so many things we were unaware of, Alhamdolillah have learned them now. It was an amazing course MashaAllah! May Allah accept us to act upon every thing we learned Here

  4. Samha says:

    Footsteps Johare Town

    Though I came after a break but still every thing was way good. I have to say that you people are doing awesome for the sake of Islam. Best of Luck for coming days.

  5. nimra hassan says:

    Assaalam Alaikum
    I want to learn about Quran and Arabic in any Islamic institute or academy .
    can any one tell me about this?

  6. Nimra Hassan says:

    I want to know about Quran and Hadith kindly tell me that where is this Academy located in Gulberg?

  7. NI says:

    Walaikum salaam

    Check this page for details


  8. NI says:

    If you are living in Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore than you can join CIL program at Zaynab Academy. Further details you can find out on the website under ‘Fall 2013 courses’.

    If you live outside Pakistan then there are two options with us: one is bilingual CIL program that is in both English & Urdu and is online. This will be offered soon on our website. For English CIL program, you can check Registration is open for this course and the online Quran course.

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