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Zaynab Academy Online (an affiliate of Zaynab Academy) offers a range of short courses for women around the world. Visit the website
to see the latest courses and registration.


  1. Sofia says:

    Asalaam-u-Alaikum, I wanted to know when the new courses online will be beginning? JazakAllah Khair

  2. ZA Support Nosheen says:

    Salaam Sofia

    Please keep checking the site for updates and register with to receive updates for short courses.


  3. Sana says:

    I want to take admission and want to do online course. I’m young teenager.I’ve attended conference in IBA and got so inspired

  4. ZA Support Nosheen says:

    Walaikum salaam

    Please check the link below for courses offered in Fall semester, you have to register to get access to the courses you are interested in.


  5. flower says:

    I’ve been a student of zao for the last term that is fall term 2012!! and today I don’t understand my computer doesn’t opens the usual site of zao

  6. ZA Support NI says:

    Walaikum Salaam

    The site is under upgrade. It will be up in couple of days inShaAllah.


  7. flower says:


  8. Safiyya Naviwala says:

    Assalamo alaikum wr wb..
    I wanted to know if any short courses were being offered in the coming up two months. I was not able to locate then though it did say that some short courses were available.

  9. Saman Javaid says:

    I want to know, when will it be begining, so i can regiter..

  10. ZA Support NI says:


    Please keep checking website after Sha’baan.


  11. ZA Support NI says:

    Walaikum Salaam

    We don’t have any short course coming up soon but do keep checking the site.


  12. sana says:

    asalamwalikum wrb ,
    are there any short courses around july or at the end of june?

  13. Maria says:

    Assalam u alikum
    I want to take admission and want to do online course.

  14. ZA Support NI says:

    Walaikum salaam

    Yes, please keep checking site


  15. Hareem Khan says:

    Assalam o alaikum,
    I wanted to inquire when Classical Islamic learning 2013 will commence at Karachi premises?

  16. ZA Support NI says:


    It will start after Shawwal, please keep checking the website.

  17. Uzma says:

    I live in toronto and really want to start short/full time course. Kindly guide me.

  18. ZA Support NI says:

    Walaikum salaam

    New courses will start after Ramadan.
    For Urdu, keep checking this site and for English programs check


  19. ZA Support NI says:

    walaikum salaam

    Keep checking during and after Ramadan

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